Trench Kit
Daniel rose trench aerial
Daniel rose trench end
Daniel rose trench inside
Daniel rose trench sun
Daniel rose trench endcap
Daniel rose trench straight
Daniel rose trench corner02
Daniel rose trench corner01
Daniel rose trench flat
Daniel rose trench props
Daniel rose mud stones mat
Daniel rose mud mat
Daniel rose strippedwood
Daniel rose pine bark
Trench Kit

An experimentation in working on the go, this is my expanded version of an assignment I gave my CGI 2 students at Drexel University this year.

In short, I asked my students to take a small blocked out model I provided (similar to my 'straight' trench) and make a Diorama using it as a guide for a WWI style trench. I loved the idea of the project and wanted to do it myself and turn it into an asset kit.

I created a set of Substance Materials, Deco Assets, and lightly sculpted trench models and created something akin to FBX Prefabs in Maya. I then brought them into Marmoset and assembled the scene. Post was done in Krita. The focus was to create more of a diorama than a full environment with sell able, small parts on Sketchfab.

Not everything went according to plan, and I learned a lot. Once LOD models are done, I will have my kit models and terrain materials available for sale. Substance Material spheres should be posted in the coming days.

More artwork
Daniel rose the platform marmoDaniel rose shot1