Daniel rose the park bench 01

Park Path

Daniel rose the park bench 01 vert

Park Path: Vertical

Daniel rose the park bench 02

The Park Bench from Above

Daniel rose the park bench 03

The Park Bench from Below

Daniel rose the park bench 04

The Park Bench

Daniel rose the park bench artsy

Honestly, I just like artsy shots with sun shafts.

The Park Bench-Fly Through

Daniel rose the park bench diorama vert

The Full Diorama, Vertical

Daniel rose the park bench diorama

The Full Diorama, Horizontal

Daniel rose fullrendertargets tpb

All Render Targets

Daniel rose lightingonly tbp

Lighting Only

Daniel rose detaillighting tbp

Detail Lighting

Daniel rose albedoonly tbp


Daniel rose asset overview

Asset Overview

Daniel rose asset overview close

Asset Overview 02-Close

The Park Bench-Park Bench

Park Bench-Foliage

The Park Bench-Rocks

Park Bench-Trees

Park Bench-Deco

The Park Bench: A Diorama

The Park Bench is a personal portfolio diorama being presented in Unreal Engine (4.19). I started the project while at Bluepoint Games, but it didn't come together until I picked it up again earlier this year and re-worked it's scope. The only surviving elements from before are the Walkman, The Bench, and some (but not all) foliage. Individual assets are posted via SketchFab.

I used a large amount of Gametextures.com base materials and source TGA's for this project. I would combine and re-mix many of them in Substance Painter for standalone assets. Additionally, I used them in conjunction with traditional techniques for custom foliage sheets and tree leaf layouts.

The tree you see is made 100% by hand. I do not have a license for Speed Tree and wanted the practice.

The video was all done in Sequencer within Unreal 4.

More artwork
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